The Main District Part II

"This is the Section 1, the basic stuff, the basic drill." That person handed me a card, an electronic ID Card.

I look at that card. Fancy design, nicely done, whoever that make it do a nice thing about it.

"Whatever you do, whenever you go, you always need to carry this card."

"And If I don't?",

" Well, Do you really want to have problem with those Robot again?"

Damn, those nasty Protectron, I don't want to get in touch with that nasty creature again, at least until I get a good Robot perk to handle them with ease.

"I'm the head of this section."

No doubt he has the face for this. Serious face, a face that can kill, a face of drill master sergeant.

"Please move along to next sections and dont forget to place your id in your left chest pocket" then everybody just nod their head sign of approvals.

and i took 5 second to realize that that the only pocket we have in this uniform. Why would they said over and over again? Just the announcer know the reasons. Yeah only the announcer. Hmmm... yeah only the announcer.

I just cant think straight and keep wondering "why would i remains here? I was sure there was something i'm should do. But what?" 

So i decide to investigate the place. 

"God dammid!!!" I yell as loud as i can until the ground under my feet cracking like crazy. The people surround me wondering what happend but they cant even move because the fear stat that came from my "cicada roar" that consume 20 mana.

Its been so long i use the skill since one of the author getting married and almost forgot that this light novel exist.

Then i release the skill but they still in frozen state. I wonder why so i decide to ask one of them



"Why you guys still in this state?"


"Cmon man just tell me what happend"


"Can you say something?"

"... Hodor.."

"Come again?"

"Hodor... Hodor... Hodor... Hodor... Hodor..."


"God dammid hodor!!" Then i just kick his balls as hard as i can, and continue my quest.

"Tringting" suddently a windows pop up infront of me

[Great achivement. You manage to hold your emotion by kick hodor in the balls one time]

[Hodor been askin alot of people to kick his balls one time but nobody can understand him]

[I wonder why]

[Level up]

[Level up]

[Level up]

Level Up!

Damnnn i level up three times for only kickin balls one time. My heart scream of joy because of it.

I wonder what happend if i kick him twice or more. Hmm that's it... I'll do it. So once again I kick him... this time 2 times.

"Hodorrr!!!!!" he screamed with pain showed expression all over his face.

"Sorry Hodor... I never want to watch you. What I really want to see is Bran."


"What??", that's new... why suddenly he said anything new than Hodor???

[You got 100 EXP]

[You got 150 Gil]

[You got a loaf of bread]

[You got a bottle of safe water]

[You got a rare item, a pendant]

What??? I got so many item. What the hell is this? Maybe I have to push him to say another word or attack him again to get more. If I can do that I will be an OP char in no time. This is an easy way to grind.

I slapped his face

[You got a nasty stuff]

[You got angry status effect, uncontrollable one]

Err... what?

"Braawwhhhhhh", he puke at me.

You Got Something!

"BASTARDDDD!!!!", I punched him in the face.

[You got a little blood]

[You got a confuse status effect, controllable one]

I looked at my hand, and see his blood. God damn it!

"Enough the winter is comming" said John Snow

I turn my head and i saw his weavy hair blow by the wind and said

"Enough my ass. Its my story why god damn game of fuckin throne invade here!!!"

"Oke cut!! Hey you madre (spanish word) what are you doing in the set?? We are shooting here"

I look around and said 

"Tee hee" 

while posing like japanese idol

"Tee hee my ass!! Catch him"

And I start running from that place

"Poor Hodor" said Arya while pat his head

"Fuck you Hodor" i got tricked by that fuckin giant

[Tring ting]

[You got trick by hodor]

[Your heart feel pain]

[Exp +2000]

The hell

Enough with this shit, "I summon you, the Dragon of Valyria!"

[Ding Dong!]

[Command failed, you're not a summoner]

[Command failed, you're not a member of House Targaryen]

The Main District - Intermezzo

Before the new wave comes.

"Ding Dong Deng Ding... Deng Dung Deng Dong...", the stupid tone heard.

"Welcome to the Midgar Train Station. Always remember and obey the Law. This train public services is proudly present by The Shinra Electric Company. We hope that you have a very good day ahead. Thank you."

Ah that stupid announcement, useless. Well can't do anything about that now.  But after this case, hehehe I will...


Eh... I turn my head.

"Hi brow...", he said.

That person, yeah, he's like a bro to me... Well it's difficult to explain so let's simplify it with that bro stuff.

"Ah... like always, the man with the black hoodie. How are you brow?", I asked

"As good as before, as good as will be.", he answered.

"As poetic as before, a man who truly knows the power of a language."

He just smile a little bit at my compliment.

"And you my bro, as the man with the Russian Gas Mask, what are you doing here?", he asked back to me.

"Do we have to do something like this again? You know better that anyone else."

"Well, yeah, that's why I want to remind you about something important."

"and what is that?'

"I haven't see our partner for sometime around here. Is he lost his way again?" he asked.

"Not this time, he's just  busy with some other stuff."

"616? Hmm 1610? oor the stupid joke 8311?", he tried to give me his best guess.

"Nah... It's the Prime. He will have a big thing to prepare.", I answered.

" Don't tell me he's going to the next level!|

"yeah, that's the plan."

"Well, can't comment more to that thing Hehe..."

"yeah... So?", I asked

"Let me help u again and take the role back for now. What should I do now?", he asked again.

"Well, a black hoodie is no good in this case. U should wear this.", I give him a special mask.

"Come on... not this!", he showed an objection.

"Hahahaha... ", I answered with a big laugh.

"Whatever...", and then he wear that mask.

And now, my bro turned into him, the man with the black-yellow mask.

"Don't forget to use his skin too!"

"Gdmt bro, you really know how to torture me huh!"

And I laughed more and more when hearing that comment.

The Black-Yellow Mask

The Path That We Choose - Final

"F.... ", I managed to get back, but alas that feels so hurt. Then I saw him, yeah him, the one that I shot into and then get back to shoot me.

"Can we deal with this later?", he asked.

"No way man... no way.", I prepared to get my USP ready.

"Ahem... do u forget about this?", he showed me the m24.

"So... do we need to shoot each other again? Or take another path?", I asked him directly.

"Well...  the bullet... feel damn hurt.", he answered

"Hell yeah...", I replied

"And that game over scene..", he said

"Fuckin annoying.."

Then we both laugh.

"Come on bro, let's continue with the update. You and me with the computers, no more shooting.", he said.

"Can't say no to that. Let's go. So damn cold here", I said

"Yeah to that stupid main district.", he closed our conversation. Then we both walk away from the Outer Heaven's shadow into the fictional reality.

Outer Heaven's shadow

"hold your steps there!!! youve cross the line already" someone in the mist talk to us.
"dont you fuckin dare to walk out without this map" then he give us the map

"then off you go" he send us go with big smile

"whos that?" i askin

"dont know" then we throw the map.

The Path That We Choose Part II

Okay, this takes so long, I think. Where the hell is the update? What's wrong with him? hmmm... let just meet him.

I opened the web, ahhh there is an update. Wtf?? Only this? This is not a major milestone. This is just an unfinished ingredients.

"hey... it's me, can we meet?", I call him through my mobile phone.

"Of course... in usual place?"

"No prob, I will wait here", i answered.

3 hours later.

He's here...

and so "bring it on!!" he yelled!! "Since when this blog become since fiction"
"since those writer to lazy to update this

"blog every fuckin days" I replied.

"What the fuck!!?"

"Yeah its their way to looking some excuses", I said with no intention to do that.

"How dare them to put me in this shit situation" he said with tearful eye

"So do we continue the story or what?" I asked

"I wanna but what can i do? My hands is tide so tight" he said with low voice.

"Shit!! Your right!! Here let me open it for you" and I open the rope.

"Now, your hand is free... But my hand is not", I said

"Why?", he asked me.

"You said this is your turn and not mine. U're not allow me to write something in this chapter. Do u forget?", this makes me feel so annoyed.

"Okay, but right now I'm so angry. My game engine broken, and I don't know how to fix it.", he replied

"Contact the dev.", *madness come slowly but sure.

"I already did that. And they didn't give me the fix."

"Kill the dev!", I give me the C4 and detonator.

"But there's a possibility that the fault is in my os and not at their engine!"

"Kill Bill Gates!", I give him a m24

"Bill just the old boss, right now he don't even in touch with the real developer team, I think.", he answered, what a lame mind.

"Kill yourself then, or maybe I can help u a bit.", the angry mind come.

Then I use my USP to shot his head.

What a sight, what an action, in old fashion way. Too bad, but this is just the way that seems right.

"So long my friend....", then I walk into the gate.

I will go to Section one and push that asshole. I need him move faster to City Level 2.

"Not that fast morron!", wait... It can't be real... I shot him in head already.

And then I see that man take the m24 and... "Bang!!" a gunshot sound...

Damn he shot me with the gun that I've given to him before. That was a mistake.... wait, he's not the sniper, he usually rush the scene with mp5, how can he use the sniper rifle with that accuracy? Impossible.
The the blank/dark/black/whatver scene come.

"SNAKE... Are u There Snake?? Answer me!!"

The blank/dark/black/whatver scene turned into the game over scene.

Then i hit "Continue".

suddently i respawn in the old prison "shit!" i screaming in whispering
i press start button to call my chopa (read it using spanish aksen)

"yes.. boss, wadap"
"just get your fucking ass out-a here!!!"


The path that we choose

And so "bring it on!!" I yell!! "Since when this blog become since fiction"
"since those writer to lazy to update this

"blog every fuckin days" he reply.

"What the fuck!!?" I try to diggin more.

"Yeah its their way to looking some excuses"

"How dare them to put me in this shit situation" a drop of tear running on my left cheek.

"So do we continue the story or what?" He askin.

"I wanna but what can i do? My hands is tide so tight" i try lowering my voice as much as possible.

"Shit!! Your right!! Here let me open it for you" and just like he said he do me a favor to open the rope.

"Now, your hand is free... But my hand is not"

"Why?", I asked him.

"You said this is your turn and not mine. U're not allow me to write something in this chapter. Do u forget?"

"Okay, but right now I'm so angry. My game engine broken, and I don't know how to fix it.", I replied

"Contact the dev."

"I already did that. And they didn't give me the fix."

"Kill the dev!", he give me C4 and detonator.

"But there's a possibility that the fault is in my os and not at their engine!"

"Kill Bill Gates!", he give me a m24

"Bill just the old boss, right now he don't even in touch with the real developer team, I think."

"Kill yourself then, or maybe I can help u a bit."

Then he use his USP to shot my head.

The the blank/dark/black/whatver scene come back.

"SNAKE... Are u There Snake?? Answer me!!"

The blank/dark/black/whatver scene turned into the game over scene.

The Main District, Mainly Stupid

This is the place, the destination for today. This place is lively like usual. My main objective here is one of the big building. I'm working there at least for this current era.
so i just take my time while i try to gasp my surrounding the air so fresh even thou it was a big city with less trees.
in this time most of the people more concern about their surrounding and they just dont wanna to make same mistake that been make by their ancestor.
so they start to build some post-steam-punk technology that use mainly water and wind to generate their technology.

i just stomp my feet to makesure my foothold is solid (?) and not liquid or solidus.

"Don't worry, it's really good and solid.", that sound come from behind.

And here we go again, the  man who are wearing a Russian gas mask.

"What do you mean by that?", I asked him.

"Like before, there is some silly thing inside of your head. And I just come to rescue you by giving you my best opinion.", he answered

"You can read my mind?"

"Well Let me said it with simple question, Is it truly yours?", then he waved his hand and walk away. What's the matter with him? And what the hell with that?

Then i just put both my hand to the air while i inhale the o2 then release the co2. Then my eyes become bright again. "Seems he will appear alot in this story" i mumble "who?" Said another voice to me " that son of bitches!" I reply " can you just be more specifically" "that fu..." when i try to looking to his face and said the name, that mother fucker suddenly appears behind me "hei! I just see you do farewell to me!!? But how come??" And its that Russiangasmaskman ( since he appear alot and i just dont wanna remember his name i just put "man" after his appearance. Kinda make him like superhero-wannabe.)

"Its just your eyes play tricks on you my bro" he even call me his bro!!!

"Sometimes we just told ourself to be fooled and make our brain create the hallucinations of what we wanna see" he explain to me like im just an idiot's

"Just go to freakin hell" then walk both my leg away from him.

"Dont forget to eat lunch!!!" That mother fucker yelling from afar.

Okay... gzzzz..... WTF???? 
Let take a deep breath... inhale the O2 and release the CO2...
In and out...
to ease my mind, to calm myself

It's working no more, I can't calm myself...
I will kill that man!!

I open my bag and grab my weapon, the Glock18C. Yes, I'm sure it's 18C,it has select-fire switch on the slide. I take aim, err.... where the hell is he??? I suddenly realize he's already leave my field of view. Don't tell me he already hide himself in the fog of war! 

"Violence will not be tolerated.", I heard a sound coming.

Damn it's a Protectron, the City's security robot.

"Citizen, Please put away your weapon!", I can see that thing is aiming the laser weapon to me.

"Okay, okay, chill out man!", I put my Glock back to my backpack. Dang i got the trick!!! Then the robot tease me good.

Here comes the black light then some welcome sign just appear from no where.

"Zzppppp..." then i hit the floor made from brick's and so some spot light point at me.

Trying to wake up but my mind told me

"Enjoy this shit man!! Its a legendary scene!!"

"Okay, but this feels funny man" my reply to my self (?)

1...2...3... the blank/dark/black/whatver scene is over, now suddenly everything come back in my sight. I'm in a room, this must be a room.

 "Where the hell am I?"

"Welcome to Section 1.", this is the very basic level. Like usual, you have to begin your drill."

Ah, the person that's talking to me, that's not the Russiangasmaskman, this is different person. And why I have to roll out and begin my drill again? I am not a noob! Gzzz, whatever, bring it on!

"Whatever dude, just play it!", I said it with full confidence.

Glock 18C


Protectron Robot

Not Close Enough

Here I am.
In this place, I can't deny that I feel insecure.

I'm looking around the scene...
I'm taking a breath to smell the surrounding area...
But whatever I see and smell, I never forget another place that I long to...

But my desire is irrelevant right now.
I have a fuckin reality in front of me.

"Should i just face it?" I said it to my self "should i?" Asking me to the person next to me. I can see from her face that she was confuse. Wasn't like any other woman's out there, she trying to answer my question "i was sure you have options" she said wisely "and don't you think too much about it just go forward" i see lots of sparkling in her eyes.

Then i said

"Are you talking to me??" Then i just move to another spot in this bus

I'm looking through the window. I'm just trying to forget that ugly and annoying woman. And suddenly a song is playing around my head...

You're staring bright through the window
you're moving closer to me
Lalalalala... (forgotten lyric)
(forgotten lyric)
Nyanyanya... (forgotten lyric)  
Get out and leave me, let it on

But when it's going to be ok
I'm cruisin' on a train
I've got to fear no holiday
Fear is where I'm in.  

What the... I'm on a bus not a train... *sigh...

the vision back to the windows. while its bus moving so fast i can see it clear thru the windows its landscape. a green and wide forest and in the horizon i can see it clear lot of skyscraper. crawl its claw to the bright blue skies. its been centuries after the old civilization gone and the brand new era comes.

and i mumbling some short of spells.

"al-LOH-ha-MOHR-ah!!!"... a text popping in front of me, error! no locked object available!"

"sec-tum-SEMP-ra!!!... another text coming, "error! no shield or magic shell in range!"

Okay... my mind seems messed up once again.

Okay, let's concentrate! Hmmm, "Look closely into my eyes.. and let your trust open the gate of your inner defenses. Let me come into you and let me see the truth which masked by the shadow in your soul. El espacios la kepungkur!"

Nothing happened... I almost sure I said the right spell!

Then someone poke me from behind, I'm turning my head and I see there's a man who are wearing a Russian gas mask and then he says, "error! that spell need a particular target with high trust to you!"

 "But there are a lot of people here!", I replied

"Sigh*, boy that is pvp spell... and like I said, you need a high level of trust!", he answered.

Shit my head keep messing with me. Once again i look to the horizon, the skyscraper growing big and its magnificent make me feel awe.

then we arrive in the biggest gate i ever seen in my whole life and it says "WELCOME TO MAIN DISTRICT" and every times i thru this place my sense comeback to me.

A healty citizen, with bright eyes goin and ready to take the World.


The ugly and annoying woman

The Man with a Russian Gas Mask